If I Can… Community Interest Company

Company Profile 

If I Can… is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) whose aim is to provide regular reminders and guidance to people of all ages about the way to apply timeless natural values to all aspects of life. Modern technology in the form of global email distribution, E-learning, E-book, social media and online video based offering is used to enable the message to be communicated on a global basis and to be easily shared with others. Special versions for schools and for business are also offered. We rely primarily on charitable donations to fund our operation, with the founder and some other supporters offering their time and service at no charge.


Our Educational and Training Activities

If I can… is a free online and mobile app which was inspired by the poem IF by Rudyard Kipling that can be accessed at ificanapp.com, via the If I Can Facebook and Twitter pages and as a phone app available in the Apple and Google Play app stores. Subscribers receive a daily reminder about one of 52 core values, including a Mindfulness exercise to still the mind and then a question for reflection as to how the value is or can be applied in their life.

Also available on the website is a free downloadable schools’ version, a number of teaching stories about values and a link to the If I Can YouTube playlist of values videos. This schools’ version was developed in response to the need to find ways to reduce the serious stress and tensions being experienced by many students and to assist in character development which is so important in the early years. The values approach is increasingly being used in many primary and secondary schools as well as in some universities. The aims of our offering and other values- based education projects are to: 

  • Educate students from an early age on universal values
  • Show that values are common to all traditions-spiritual & temporal
  • Demonstrate the practical application of values in the studies & activities of the school and in developing effective relationships
  • Introduce practices of mindfulness to enable quiet reflection on the meaning of the value for ‘me’

The business version of If I can… is the Ethical Entrepreneur    

Our Patrons & Partners 


Resourcement BV – Chairman Hans Leewens

The objective of Resourcement, a company based in Holland, whose statuary aim is to assist corporations and individuals in a better use of their talents in serving the needs of society. The aim is to increase Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) as well as the responsibility of the individuals for their own employability in the service of society. Workers are encouraged to act in a way that creates a positive reputation for themselves and for their corporation thus also increasing the outward sensitivity of the corporation for the needs being served.     



Universal Spirituality & Humanity Foundation – Chairman Dr Hari Prasad Kanoria

The Universal Spirituality & Humanity Foundation is a part of the Social Impact Initiatives of the  Kanoria Foundation, headquartered in Kolkata, India. The Kanoria family has been in business for over a century, performing their karma (work) with devotion imbued with spirituality and creating institutions which would last for centuries serving humanity. Its ethos is to ‘Work With Devotion’. It reflects the constant churning of ideas and hard work, which are essential to succeed and the passion necessary to implement them with a focus on results. True to its legacy, the Universal Spirituality & Humanity Foundation is dedicated towards society’s development by creating business enterprises with long-term and sustainable objectives. Its operational philosophy is based on strong foundation of morals, values and culture. Concurrent with business activities are several social initiatives and CSR activities. 
– www.kanoriafoundation.co.in


Major Financial Donors

The MacLaren Art Trust  – opencharities.org/charities/1075730

The Education Renaissance Trust – education-renaissance-trust.org.uk

 RSA sponsored Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign – rsa.org.uk


Major Content Donors

Regents University Business School, Professors Ana-Maria Pascal & Jonathan Liu – regents.ac.uk

Foundation for a Better Life – values.com

Clear Lessons Foundation – clearlessons.com 

Chris Rees – Co-author, From Principles to Profit & Ethical & Effective – chris.rees@ficino.org


Development Team

Brightbolts Ltd, E-learning development – brightbolts.com

Loren Jenkins / Sellativity, Sales and Marketing Consulting – www.sellativity.com

Jerome Toole, Website Design and If I Can development – design.jerometoole.co.uk

James Saunders, Graphic Design – Ethical Entrepreneur and If I Can development

Jessica Palmarozza, Video Production – Kangaroo Films – Kangaroo Films


Values Based Organisations

UK Values Alliance, a membership organisation – valuesalliance.co.uk