Ethical Entrepreneur: The Values Based Path To Sustainable Success (E-Book)


Ethical Entrepreneur: The Values Based Path To Sustainable Success, offers a values-based approach to business management, highlighting the application of 30 core values in the performance of nine core management functions.

This book addresses the need to rebuild trust in business, and presents a road map showing the ways that business can be Ethical & Effective; Principled & Profitable; Conscious & Commercial. More than 30 videos are included, from interviews with experienced business executives telling their stories, to business school professors explaining the importance of values and ethics in business.

The topics covered are:

  • Session 1  The State of Business in Society Today

  • Session 2  Trust in Business + Environment, Sustainability & Governance  Issues

  • Session 3  The Millennial View of Business

  • Session 4  Values in Business

  • Session 5  Ethical Entrepreneur Values Profile

  • Session 6  Inspiring Leadership & Meditation

  • Session 7  Ethical Decision-Making & Mindfulness P

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