Brightbolts Ltd

Contact: David Jones, Founder & Managing Director,

Brightbolts is a very experienced provider of e-learning materials, both standard and tailored products. Their key offering for entrepreneurs and small business managers is their Finance for Non- Financial Managers course. The aim of this E-Learning course is make clear the impact of a range of business decisions on the financial performance of an organisation. Whether your responsibilities involve sales, production  or IT, you need to understand the impact of your decisions not only on the cost budget, but also other aspects such as Cashflow.

Watchman  Contact: Mark Scorer  or on phone, 020 8569 9276     

Watchman is a comprehensive, values based financial planning service.  Watchman’s panel of experts offer entrepreneurs strategic, fixed fee advice to keep their entire financial household in order and help clients realise their lifelong ambitions and goals.

 Watchman’s process is structured to ensure that results are predictable and consistent.  A panel of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) make proactive decisions focused on the five key areas of each client’s financial household:

1.     Financial planning

2.     Estate planning

3.     Tax planning

4.     Insurance planning

5.     Investment planning

Through a team of collaborative, values based experts, Watchman delivers peer reviewed advice and complete truth-in-fees transparency.  Mark Scorer, Watchman’s director, has nearly 30 years of experience as a financial advisor and has been delivering values based financial planning for over ten years.